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The Selling Process

This is a step-by-step consumer checklist to guarantee you the greatest proceeds from the sale of your house. It will tell outline what you need to have, what you should know, and what questions to ask. It will let you know, before you sell your home, exactly what’s involved and how you and your Realtor work together.

The Decision to Sell

You and your family have come to the decision that it’s time to move. Maybe it’s a corporate move to another city or perhaps it’s time for a different location or additional home amenities within the same city. Here’s your first step.

If it’s a move to another city or state, call us and request assistance in your destination city. Roy Wheeler Realty Co. is a member of RELO, the premier Real Estate Relocation Network. Our Relocation Director will call a reputable broker in the determined city who will assign you a top Agent whose expertise you can rely on. These referrals are traditionally given to the most experienced professionals who will provide you with the highest quality of service. They will call you about your particular needs in a home and neighborhood and forward information for your review. They will be there for you as soon as your arrive and address all of the endless questions you’re sure to have in relocating into a new area. This is a wonderful alternative to calling an unproven Realtor when you arrive at your destination city. The calls, the information and the work on the part of the Agent here is designed to help you without obligation. Please feel free to take advantage of this service and be assured of professional results.

If you are moving within the same area, we can also show you homes that specifically meet your requirements. Here you have the advantage of working with a Realtor who already knows you and your family, the home you came from and your dreams of the future. Additionally, we are aware of specific financial issues that may be of concern.

What You Can Do and What Questions to Ask

Before we arrive to review the marketing of your house, be prepared. Gather together the deed, warranties on appliances, mortgage payment book, tax bills, assessments, Homeowners’ Assoc. fees, restrictive covenants, or any guarantee or legal documents about the property. It will not only save you time, but also make you aware of the different charges and obligations which are now on the home. Warranties and guarantees for recent work done on the house may also raise the home’s value in the eyes of the buyer.

After the Sales Agent arrives, take them on a tour. Show your Agent the special features which you have enjoyed about the home, and features or benefits which originally attracted you to the property. Those aspects of the house which helped you to make your original decision to buy will probably be similar to the ones which may attract the next buyer. Your Agent will use all of this information in the Multiple Listing Computer print-out that is utilized by cooperating Realtors as well as in advertising and marketing efforts. Additionally, these features will be a part of your home’s Web page on the Roy Wheeler Realty Co. Web site. You know your home and neighborhood better than anyone else and your Agent will work with this information in the marketing of your home. Remember, the relationship you have with your Agent is a partnership... you will work together to establish the marketing plan that most suits your property. The more information you provide the quicker that partnership will result in the successful sale of your house!

What Price to Set

Pricing is always the variable which will determine the final net proceeds you will get for your home, but it’s not the only one. If you are able to provide seller financing, have your loan assumed, give quicker possession, or give more extras with the home, these features and others will determine your final net proceeds.

Where do you start? Ask questions. Ask your Agent to provide a Comparative Market Analysis. This is a report on properties similar to yours which have recently sold in your area as well as homes that are similar to yours and are currently on the market (this is your competition). These factors will help you and your Agent arrive at the asking price for your property under current market conditions.

Sellers often find it difficult to place a price on their home. Most often they’ve spent countless hours on improvements such as painting, decorating and landscaping. This can sometimes lead to an inflated supposition as to the true value. Talk to your Agent at length and take time to adequately review the Comparative Market Analysis. Together you will arrive at the price which results in the successful sale of your home and will also net you the greatest possible amount.

How Marketing Services Help You Get the Best Price

In order to assure the sale of your property a Roy Wheeler Realty Co. Agent will discuss those marketing services that best suit your home. These are just some of the services you may expect from your Agent and RWRC:

  • Home Brochures for Buyers and cooperating Brokers
  • 35mm and Digital Photographs of your home for advertising, brochures, MLS listing and Roy Wheeler Realty Co. website exposure
  • Inclusion of your property on the Roy Wheeler Realty Co. website - daily updates when needed
  • Realtor Open Houses
  • A tour of your home by the Agents at Roy Wheeler Realty Co.
  • Open House for the Public - follow up with those leads
  • Advertising of the property on the average of once every three weeks
  • Roy Wheeler Realty Co. FOR SALE sign
  • Call neighbors for possible buyer leads
  • Keep in touch with you, the Seller, on a weekly basis to discuss the progress of the marketing plan

We believe the Agents at Roy Wheeler Realty Co. are the most prepared and well trained professionals in the area. Together you will design a plan that leads to a sale and be assured that your Agent will call, visit, mail, open house, advertise, etc. until your home is sold.


Your Roy Wheeler Realty Co. Agent will provide you with all of the required documentation necessary for the Listing and Sale of your property. They will also explain, in detail, what paperwork is necessary and review this documentation to your full understanding. In the Listing of your home you will sign such forms as:

  • A Lead Based Paint Disclosure (for homes built prior to 1978)
  • Disclosure/Disclaimer
  • Home Warranty (if desired)
  • Listing Agreement

We trust that in very short order you will be presented with a Contract for the purchase of your property. This contract will be written by your Roy Wheeler Realty Co. Agent, another Agent with the Company, or a cooperating Realtor within the Multiple Listing Service. It will be presented to you by your Listing Agent. We can provide you with a sample blank contract in advance so you can familiarize yourself with this aspect of the transaction and ask any questions you may have. The Contract will include information regarding down payment, price, financing, inclusions, exclusions, inspections and closing date. After you review the entire offer you have to decide to either accept the Contract or change some part(s) of the offer and send back a counter-offer. You may also want to reject the offer outright. Discuss your options with your Agent. As a professional they can advise you as to how to best negotiate without losing a qualified buyer.

The Follow-Up

You have now received a copy of the completed Contract. There is more work to be done to assure you of a successful closing on your home. Your Agent will follow-up all of those details that culminate in THE CLOSING!

  • The Buyer may want certain inspections completed on your house. They can include a Building Inspection, Pest Inspection, Radon Test, Water Test and Septic Certification.
  • The Buyer will apply for their mortgage.
  • The Lending Institution will send their appraiser to your home.
  • A Title Search will be completed.
  • The Buyer may want a new survey done on the property.
  • Just prior to Closing the Buyer will probably do a final walk through of the house.

Your Roy Wheeler Realty Co. Agent will be with you every step of the way. They will be in constant communication not only with you, but with all those individuals involved in completing the most important Real Estate transaction... YOURS!

The Closing

At Closing the Seller provides the Buyer with keys to the house and the Seller receives a check representing the net proceeds from the sale. At this time, review and ask questions about anything you may not fully understand so this settlement is a rewarding and pleasant experience. The monies you receive can then go to the purchase of your next home or for any purpose you want.

We want this final step to be wonderful, and through good consumer knowledge and an Agent who cares, it will be. Roy Wheeler Realty Co. takes pride in the professional services we offer and we look forward to working with you and your family today and in the years to come.