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Marketing Your House

The Maupin Group specializes in the professional marketing of property. Exactly what does that mean to YOU? What is a marketing plan and what services can YOU expect?

With years of experience, tradition and commitment The Maupin Group creates a unique marketing plan and strategy for each home we list. Wet will work as partners to best determine the services which will best promote your property and help you achieve your goals. Please take a few minutes to review our many marketing services and just imagine how they can be put to work for you.

The objectives of your marketing plan are:

  • To get as many qualified buyers as possible into your home until it is SOLD.
  • To communicate the results of our activities to you.
  • To assist you in getting the highest possible dollar value for your property with the fewest problems in the shortest possible time.

Marketing Services:

  • Prepare a written Comparative Market Analysis to determine the best possible price at which to list your property.
  • Provide assistance in determining what property improvements might be done to best prepare your house for sale.
  • Add additional exposure through a Roy Wheeler Realty Co. sign.
  • Increase showings by the use of a lockbox
  • Submit the listing to the Multiple Listing Service with pictures.
  • Submit copies of your listing to other sales associates for their waiting buyers.
  • Review Roy Wheeler Realty Co. and Agent databases for potential buyers.
  • Review Roy Wheeler Realty Co. relocation referrals from Relo (our relocation company)to determine if there are any good prospects for your home.
  • Advertise your property on an average of every 3 weeks in The Daily Progress, Homes or The Real Estate Weekly. Explore other advertising avenues where needed.
  • Arrange walk-thrus and an Open House for Realtors.
  • Promote your property for maximum exposure to the other agents in the area.
  • Contact neighbors in the surrounding area for possible buyers.
  • Hold Open Houses for the public when appropriate.
  • Pre-qualify all prospective buyers.
  • Include your property on any Direct Mail advertising that would be appropriate for your home.
  • Promote your property at regular Roy Wheeler Realty Co. Office Meetings.
  • Discuss the results of showings of your home.
  • Promote your home on our website.
  • Inform you as to any changes in the market place and financing and their affects on the sale of your property.
  • Promote the features and benefits of your home to cooperating brokers.
  • Make you aware of all the various methods of financing available.
  • Present all contracts and assist you in negotiating the best popssible price and terms.
  • Handle follow-up, keep you informed on all mortgage, title and other closing procedures.
  • Attend and facilitate your closing, if you desire.