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Welcome to the Area

Welcome to our little corner of the world... a small piece of heaven... and certainly one of the best places to live in the world. We admit to not being particularly objective in this matter, but one visit to Charlottesville, Virginia and you will agree with The Times article that extols Charlottesville as the place where "privacy is respected, where Southern gentility, even chivalry still thrives, and, perhaps above all, where the land rolls away toward the mountains in the west with a beauty that snatches the breath at the top of each crest and the bottom of each vale." It's what we like to call home. Join us here for a tour of our community. We hope to see you soon for a more personalized journey into your future.

The Best Place to Live

Charlottesville, Albemarle County and the surrounding area make up Virginia’s Piedmont, which sits at the foot of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in the center of the state. It is here that Thomas Jefferson built his magnificent estate, Monticello and wrote "I am as happy nowhere else and in no other society, and all my wishes end, where I hope my days will end, at Monticello". His friend, James Monroe, came soon after to live at his beloved home of Ashlawn Highland. Their memories live on here where Jefferson’s architectural hand is seen at the University of Virginia and Ashlawn Highland hosts operatic productions on sultry summer nights. A quiet, gentle lifestyle lives on as well.

"Charlottesville has been discovered by those who seek a setting where privacy is respected, where there is a good balance of intellectual stimulation and lazy-dog relaxation, where the nation’s early history seems to come alive, where Southern gentility, even chivalry, still thrives and perhaps above all, where the land rolls away toward the mountain in the west with a beauty that snatches the breath at the top of each crest and the bottom of every vale."
The New York Times

"WHERE’S THE BEST PLACE to raise a family? The most important requirements for a family are a friendly area, an absence of crime, low rates of drug and alcohol abuse, good public schools, first-rate health care, a clean environment, an affordable cost of living and strong economic growth. Charlottesville is ranked #7 in the country."
Reader's Digest

"Charlottesville offers the chance to own bucolic estates and horse farms in the shadow of the Blue Ridge but only two hours from Washington."
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Charlottesville residents were tops for: reading, attending cultural events, engaging in civic and career activities, collecting antiques and records, playing tennis, having home computers. They ranked in the top 10 for: traveling abroad, politics, photography, running, racquet-ball, investing, wine testing... The University of Virginia gives the city a lively cultural scene of museums, libraries and theaters, set in historic horse country just two hours from Washington, DC... This combination attracts some of the rich and famous, including Jessica Lange, Sissy Spacek and author John Grisham."
USA Today

"Albemarle County, Va. is rated #1 as the best U.S. county for golfers to retire to. What draws retirees to the area is a combination of golf, weather, economics, health facilities and cultural opportunities."
Gold Digest