Warren Maupin

Warren attributes much of his success in Real Estate to his intimate knowledge and unique perspective of the county as a 3rd generation native. Warren was born and raised in Charlottesville. As a youth he worked on many neighborhood farms and eventually joined his family in their retail business. Between these two ventures he came to know just about everyone in Charlottesville on a first name basis. Warren then moved into land development and the purchase of investment properties. He found the "people" aspect of the business particularly rewarding and the next logical leap as an Associate with Roy Wheeler Realty Co. where he has been for over a decade.

He enjoys the opportunity of helping people make dreams of home ownership a reality and take equal pleasure in unveiling the local color and ambiance of Albemarle County and the countryside surrounding it. His fellow Associates at Roy Wheeler have always taken advantage of his knowledge and expertise and he graciously gives time and energy to his office and the Real Estate industry.

In his few spare moments of time, Warren takes to the links and plays golf, participating in many charity tournaments. He has raised three children here in Albemarle County and couldn't imagine them growing up anywhere else. "We who live in the area have been given a special gift, and it's all around, wherever you look you just need to open your eyes".

His clients say of Warren:

"He is very knowledgeable and informative"
"I would heartily recommend him"
"A pleasure to work with"

Christy Maupin

Born and raised in Charlottesville, Christina Maupin has benefited from all the opportunities a lifetime in Albemarle County has provided. With roots here that extend back for over 300 years, Christina is truly a native of this area. Her intimate knowledge of Albemarle and the surrounding counties makes her a tremendous asset in your search for a new home. Christina attended Mary Baldwin College and graduated in 1998 with Liberal Arts degrees in both Psychology and Sociology. After nearly four years with a local payroll and accounting firm, Christina decided to follow in her father's footsteps and enter Real Estate.

She attributes much of her interest in the profession to her dad, Warren Maupin, also of Roy Wheeler Realty Co. Choosing to work with him was easy. She often "tagged" along on numerous Real Estate transactions preceding her decision to practice full time. Teaming up with him was the next natural step. Working with her father has provided Christina with years of insight into an ever-changing market place. She is able to bring this professional knowledge to every transaction, helping buyers and sellers alike. Christina is not only passionate about her career in Real Estate; she is also committed to her community. With such familiarity of the current housing market and her wealth of knowledge about the area, Christina is able to spend her time focusing on the needs of her clients. She thrives on sharing all of this information with the buyers and sellers she represents.

In her spare time, Christina enjoys a variety of activities including camping, hiking, and white water rafting. When unable to enjoy the outdoors she takes pleasure in reading, jewelry making, and a variety of other arts and crafts activities. She looks forward to working with you in the future.